Cablu alimentare Audioquest MISTRAL C13, 1m (bulk pack)

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Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation 3-Pole AC Power Cable

  • Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) & Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors
  • Mistral Wall and IEC Plugs C13 or C19 - hanging silver over red copper
  • True-Concentric Conductors Minimize Strand Interaction & Magnetic Confusion
  • Ground Noise Dissipation Technology (US Patent # 9,373,439)
  • ZERO: No Characteristic Impedance
  • Directionally Controlled Conductors

With only Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) on the outside, Mistral’s conductors are essentially all PSC+ even though the conductor core is Long-Grain Copper (LGC). Both superior metal and conductor geometry greatly reduce ear-fatiguing Transient Intermodulation (TIM) Distortion.

AC Ground wires provide protection from current-wiring faults, but they also act as antennas. Thus, they are subject to induced radio-frequency (RF) noise. This RF noise bypasses component power supplies and is typically coupled directly into a system’s most sensitive audio/video circuits. AudioQuest’s patented Ground-Noise Dissipation (GND) greatly reduces this distortion, yielding unprecedented levels of noise dissipation across the widest bandwidth (range) of radio frequencies possible. Our unique circuit topology utilizes a common-mode phase-cancelling array, in concert with proprietary dielectric materials which provide additional differential linear filtering. (US Patent # 9,373,439)

While many AC power cables feature low DC resistance in order to accommodate the demand for high current, a cable’s characteristic impedance is also crucial for optimal performance. Unlike most AC cables that constrict or compress an audio-provoked transient, AudioQuest AC cables combine low DC resistance and ZERO (no) characteristic impedance in order to deliver uncompressed high-current transients on demand.

All drawn metal strands or conductors have a non-symmetrical, and therefore directional, grain structure. AudioQuest controls the resulting RF impedance variation so that noise is drained away from where it will cause distortion. The correct direction is determined by listening to every batch of metal conductors used in every AudioQuest audio cable. When applicable, arrows are clearly marked on the connectors to ensure superior sound quality. For most models of AQ cable, the arrows not only indicate the direction that optimizes metal-directionality as part of Noise-Dissipation, but also indicates non-symmetrical attachment of shield and GND in order to optimize full-system performance.

AudioQuest Mistral powercord features luxury Mistral Series connectors with optimal clamping force for maximum performance. Mistral Series plugs, like the Storm Series connectors, are made of a thick layer of silver over red copper and beryllium copper.

AudioQuest Mistral is the entry level of the Wind Series and replaces the old NRG-4. It contains heavier gauge conductors made from Long Grain Copper (LGC) and Perfect Surface Copper+ (PSC+) and is fitted with the familiar Ground Noise Dissipation System, a multi-layered shield that absorbs high frequency noise before it enters the conductors by which it gains access to your hifi system. The outside diameter of the cable is larger and it is less flexible than the NRG Series cables, but when we heard its audible effect that little difference in manipulability was easily forgiven.

AudioQuest Mistral XTRM powercord details:
  • conductors: 37% Massieve Long-Grain Copper (LGC) + 63% Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC+)
  • thickness of the conductors: 4 x 3,31mm²
  • braid: black and blue
  • connectors: 15 Amp (C13) or 20 Amp (C19) IEC device plug
  • AudioQuest Mistral comes standard with a 15 Amp (C13) device plug, but is also available with 20 Amp (C19) connector at no extra cost.


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